6 Steps to Improving
Cash Flow

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"Fast Track Debt Collection quickly achieved results our regular debt collector couldn't. They have been very adaptable to our needs, and were able to customise their services to suit!"

Amberly Keating


"Vince, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you've done for us in such a short time.  Chasing debtors, once I've sent statements & letters a couple of times, is one of those things that is frustrating and often out in the 'too hard basket' when I'm short on time.You have certainly helped lighten the load and given me hope that people whith such disregard for their responsibilities, are brought to account! So, again I say thank you."

Roslyn Corney


"I cannot be more happy with the way you have worked on this.  A huge credit to you and the company.  As a matter of fact I have referred you to a friend who will also need some help to recover some unpaid debts.  Once again thank you so much."

Santo Palamara


"Thank you for your persistence that finally paid off.  Great work!"

Ray Teh


"Dealing with Fasttrack has been an excellent experience for me and I would heartily recommend your services to any individual or business seeking to recover debts."

Gil Gordon


"Thank you so much.  Your company has ended months and months of stress and anxiety." 

Anne-Marie Kelly


"That Amba is fantastic.  I could not have been happier with her service."

Wayne McMahon