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We are pleased to provide you with our 6 Steps to Improving Cash Flow A Guide to Better Credit Management. A copy of the Guide will also be emailed shortly for your future refernce.

We trust that you will find the Guide insightful and hope that you achieve great results following the implementation or review of your Credit Management Policy.


What Next?

1.     If you have existing debts over 90 or 120 days, what are you waiting for?

        Submit a debt for collection today.


2.     Stop extending credit to your customers without effective business contracts in place.

        Click here to learn more about TradeSafe Contracts.


3.     Implement and follow Debtor Management Procedures for all current and future invoices.

        A sample Debtor Management Procedure can be found on Page 7 of our guide.


4.     If you carry on business in the Building & Construction industry, you need to know about Security of

        Payment Laws. We recommend Roberts Legal's Security of Payment Guide.

6 Steps to Improving Cash Flow...

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