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Cash Flow

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Roberts Legal

Roberts Legal is Fast Track Debt Collection's preferred law firm. With the assistance of Roberts Legal we are able to provide our clients with a superior debt collection service.

The effectiveness of our techniques and results are largely attributable to the involvement of Roberts Legal's Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation in the development of our systems and precedents.

Roberts Legal provide all commercial and general legal services, but focus primarily on assisting businesses by providing sound commercial advice, resolving disputes, recovering debts and proactively implementing systems to minimise or avoid risks.

Roberts Legal has considerable experience assisting builders, contractors, consultants and suppliers in the building industry to avoid disputes and recover payments promptly by utilising the security of payment regime created by the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW). Because of this experience Fast Track Debt Collection can also offer a unique specialist debt collection services to businesses in the building and construction industry.

For more information about Roberts Legal go to www.robertslegal.com.au.


Pursuant to Rule 37 of the Revised Professional Conduct & Practice Rules (NSW) ('the Solicitors Rules') Roberts Legal discloses that it is associated with and shares common ownership with Fast Track Debt Collection.