Payment Agreements

When a debt is subject to a Fast Track Payment Agreement the chances of not recovering payment or incidental costs is vastly reduced.

Sometimes you can't get blood out of a stone. In these instances making a reasonable Payment Agreement is usually a far better result than taking Legal Action and trying to enforce a Court Judgment, especially when the Payment Agreement incorporates our unique Fast Track Payment Agreement Terms & Conditions.

When a debtor asks for time to pay, subject to your acceptance of a Payment Plan Offer, we are able to quickly make a binding Payment Agreement between you and the debtor incorporating our copyright protected Fast Track Payment Agreement Terms & Conditions. These agreements are made electronically following the submission by the debtor of a Payment Plan Offer via an exclusive online portal and subsequent acceptance by you and are usually binding within 24 hours of the offer being received.

If a debtor breaches a Fast Track Payment Agreement enforcement and recovery becomes much simpler and more certain.

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