Debt Collection Approaches

When it comes to collecting debts it is important to start with the right approach. Depending on the circumstances and your instructions we will adopt the:

Direct Approach

Our most direct approach to demanding payment of a debt.

Appropriate for old debts and delinquent debtors where your business' relationship with your customer has broken down.

Customised Approach

A written or verbal approach to requesting or demanding payment of a debt developed in conjunction with and approved by you and with the aim of preserving your relationship with the debtor as far as reasonably posssible.

Appropriate where a specific approach is preferred to meet the needs of your business or so as not to necessarily sour the relationship with your client but still achieve collection of your debt.

Disputed Approach

A detailed written demand or verbal approach as determined best by us following the consideration and evaluation of the dispute and obtaining of legal advice, at our expense, if considered necessary.

Appropriate where the debtor has already indicated that they dispute the debt, or part of it, and where you still wish to avoid Court proceedings.

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