6 Steps to Improving
Cash Flow

Guaranteed to help your business reduce bad debtors and improve cash flow Download our free Guide, '6 Steps to Improving Cash Flow - A Guide to Better Credit Management'.

If you don't already use Roberts Legal's Effective Business Contract Documents Package to make every day business contracts, download Roberts Legal's Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts for more information about Roberts Legal's Effective Business Contract Documents Service.

If you have made a business contract incorporating Terms & Conditions of Trade we have prepared on your behalf, we suggest that your business use our following 'Overdue Account Notice’ Letter Template at an appropriate stage of your Debtor Management Procedure to alert your Customer to the rights that you have under the Terms & Conditions of Trade and the implications for it if payment is not then forthcoming.

If a Customer becomes aware that you intend to invoke these rights it will often prompt them to reprioritise their liabilities and make payment to your business.  This is particularly the case when you draw the Customer’s attention to your right to recover collection costs in addition to the debt should external collection action be required.

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