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We provide a professional but no nonsense Debt Collection service that is second to none! We collect debts fast. That's why we also buy debts.

Our techniques have been developed and proven by an Accredited Specialist.

We consistently get results that other collectors can't and aren't afraid to take on debts that other collectors have given up on.

Get Serious! Get Paid!

We know how to get your debtor's attention.

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Our Collection Services

Debt Collection

Whatever the debt relates to, we can collect it.

We use letters, emails, phone calls and SMS Messages to engage debtors and recover debts promptly. Our written and phone demands are more sophisticated and effective than even the biggest collection agencies.

We will also collect interest and collection costs where you have an entitlement.

For best results we recommend that debts be referred to us between 60 and 90 days overdue.

Investigations & Skip Tracing

Just because you can't locate a debtor or find information in relation to their affairs, employment, assets or businesses doesn't mean that we can't. Investigation of persons is a skill developed over time. You will be amazed at what we can find out.

Legal Action

We aim to collect every debt without the need for Court proceedings or enforcement action. However, where a debtor is unwilling to pay or enter into a payment arrangement there is usually no point deferring recovery action through the Courts.

We will always obtain your express authority and instruction before commencing any Court proceedings.

Our collectors can seamlessly manage the process of initiating Court recovery action, serving legal process and obtaining default Judgments.

We work fast and ultilise online Court services wherever possible.

Judgment Enforcement

Our collectors will relentless pursue recovery and utilise all appropriate enforcement options until a debtor pays or engages with us.

We often get referrals from Solicitors to enforce Judgments they have obtained. We can also enforce Tribunal Orders for the payment of money and Adjudication Determinations under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act.

We issue Garnishee Orders to Banks and Employers daily. We also utilise Examination Notices, Writs for the Levy of Property, Bankruptcy Notices, Statutory Demands and Bankruptcy and Winding Up Application, as necessary.

Submit a Debt

We are so confident in our ability to collect debts that we also buy debts. We buy both individual and ledgers of business related debts.

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