How We Charge

We charge a commission on debts we collect. In most cases, if we don't collect you don't pay it's that simple.

If the contract to which the debt relates entitles you to recover debt collection costs, we will seek to recover our fees from your debtor in addition to the debt and any interest payable.

Collection Fee

We want your business, so contact us today to negotiate a commission rate for your business.

Our commission rates vary depending on the size of the debt and number of debtors you have. Our standard rates are included in our Terms & Conditions.

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Set Up Fee

A set up fee may also be payable from money collected depending on the Debt Collection Approach you instruct us to take.

  • Direct Approach
  • Customised Approach
    A single set up fee of $250 (plus GST) is payable for each Customised Approach regardless of the number of debtors you have.
  • Disputed Approach
    A set up fee of $250 (plus GST) is payable in relation to each Debt that you instruct us to take a Disputed Approach. However, the better informed we are about a disputed debt:
    - the more effective we will be in collecting the debt for you, and
    -the better able will we be to advise you in relation to dealing with the dispute and its merits.


We will charge for searches that we consider necessary for the most effective and efficient collection of a debt. Additional search fees may be payable if you authorise us to order additional searches.

Submit a Debt

Other Circumstances when Commission Payable

As we work on what is essentially a no collect no fee basis, we incur expense and apply our resources towards the collection of debts in anticipation of deriving commission when the debt is collected.  Consequently, once a debt has been submitted for collection we will suffer loss if we are deprived of the right to collect the debt.

Similarly, undertaking debt collection work on this basis requires that our collectors work efficiently and that full disclosure of any disputes is given at the time the debt is submitted for collection.  When a debt is disputed, we take a different approach or may determine at the outset that the dispute should be referred to a Lawyer.  Consequently, we will suffer loss if we are not told upfront that a debt is disputed.

Without limiting our Terms & Conditions we will be entitled to charge a commission if:

  • You terminate our appointment as collection agent in relation to a referred debt,
  • You fail to disclose the existence of a dispute when the debt is submitted for collection,
  • After a debt is submitted for collection you, without our prior consent (which will not be unreasonably withheld), contact or negotiate directly with the debtor or accept any payment (other than full payment or an instalment payment that we have approved),
  • You accept goods, stock or services in lieu of payment of a referred debt, and
  • You fail or refuse to provide us with information or assistance reasonably requested within 14 days of a written request.

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