Q: I don't want to ruin the relationship with my customer forever, how do you handle this?
Q: Can you collect debts from verbal agreements, where no paperwork exists?
Q: What will happen if the debtor can't pay?
Q: What if the debt is disputed?
Q: What if my business has already written off the bad debt?
Q: Does it matter how old a debt is?
Q: Can I recover interest on a debt?
Q: How many debts can I submit?
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of debt you can collect?
Q: Are you able to collect debts from Guarantors?
Q: What is the cost of the debt collection process?
Q: When do you recommend that Court action be taken?
Q: What if I no longer know where the debtor is?
Q: When is a debt not commercially collectable?
Q: My customer is in liquidation, is it possible to recover my debt?
Q: My customer is disputing the price of the sale and/or service...help?!
Q: Do you collect personal debts not related to a business?

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