TradeSafe Contracts

If you operate a business and don't make effective everyday business contracts incorporating Terms & Conditions of Trade unique to your business you are asking for trouble...and it will find you.

Step 2 of our 6 Step Guide to Better Credit Management is to 'Make Effective Business Contracts'Make Effective Business Contracts | Fast Track Debt Collection Newcastle

If you have previously submitted a debt to us for collection you will know that we always ask:

  • Do you have a contractual right to recover collection costs?

  • Do you have any security for payment?

  • Is there a Guarantor?

With TradeSafe Contracts your answer will always be "Yes!".


TradeSafe Contracts are the difference between getting paid and not getting paid should a problem arise.

  • How effective are the everyday business contracts that you make?
  • Do you have personal guarantees or real property security that can be enforced? If not, you will probably not recover the money if your Customer becomes insolvent.
  • Do you have clauses creating security over personal property (eg retention of title) and tailored specifcially to the new Personal Property Securities Act? If not, any security you did have over stock or equipment will be lost if the Customer becomes a bankrupt or goes into liquidation.
  • Will you be able to recover your enforcement costs (including our commissions) if you need to take action to recover a debt? If not, you will be left out of pocket.


Most people have a story about someone they know who had a Customer that went in to liquidation or bankruptcy and they only recovered a few cents in the dollar or nothing at all. Too many businesses put themselves at risk of customer insolvency. Trade safe with TradeSafe Contracts.


Don't wait until you get stung by another debtor before getting your contract documents and procedures finally sorted out.


TradeSafe Contract Packages

With the assistance of Roberts Legal Solicitors we now offer Australia's best value TradeSafe Contract Documents Package. Your business will receive:


Contractors & Suppliers

  • Quotation Template (including Order & Order Acceptance forms)
  • Credit Application
  • Customised Terms & Conditions of Trade
  • Contract Variation Form
  • Personal Guarantee & Indemnity
  • Final Notice - Overdue Account Letter Template

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Business & Professional Services

  • Engagement Letter/Proposal Template
  • Acceptance (Agreement for Services) form
  • Customised Terms & Conditions of Service
  • Personal Guarantee & Indemnity
  • Final Notice - Overdue Account Letter Template


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How to Order

How Much Is It?


How to Make Effective Business Contracts

For more information about this service, download Roberts Legal's Guide to Making Effective Business Contracts now.

Guide to making Effective Business Contracts | Fast Track Debt Collection Newcastle

Contractors & Suppliers

Business & Professional Services | Fast Track Debt Collection Newcastle

Business & Professional Services


TradeSafe Contracts are easy to use and will pay for themselves the very first time you have a problem with a Customer.


The customised Terms & Conditions will, among other things:

  • significantly reduce the risk of not getting paid should the Customer become insolvent,
  • create rights to recover collection costs and interest at a commercial rate,
  • reduce the likelihood of a dispute about the scope of works or warrranties,
  • minmise the risks and costs of litigation, and
  • more...


How Much Is It?

We are an introducer of Roberts Legal's TradeSafe Contract Service. Their fixed fee for the preparation of a TradeSafe Contract Documents Package is:


$2,750.00 (GST inclusive)


The Documents are comprehensive legal documents and will be prepared by experienced Commercial Lawyers to cater specifically to your business. The Documents also come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Don't look back the next time you have a problem with a customer and wish you had have acted earlier.


What Now?

If your business has debtors that aren't paying submit them to us today for collection. We collect debts fast, that's why we also buy debts.

If you are ready to start making Effective Business Contracts, submit an Order Online via Roberts Legal's website or download and complete an Order Form.


Get Serious, Get Security and Get Paid Every Time

Don't End Up Out of Pocket - Recover Enforcement Costs and Interest

Avoid Disputes & Associated Expense 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 530 743

We will gladly take the time to discuss your business and answer your questions.

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