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Cash Flow

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Sell us your bad debts & get cash in your bank within 48 hours


We are the only company in Australia that buys both individual and ledgers of business related debts.

Our Debt Buying service is ideal for businesses that have given up on a debt.

If you have a debt that you have given up on or have written off, why not cash them in?

If you haven't yet given up on a debt, let us collect it for you instead. We provide a professional but no nonsense Debt Collection Service that is second to none. Read more...


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Debts We Buy

We buy debts over $1,000.00 provided:

  • The debt is not disputed,
  • The debt is not more than five (5) years old,
  • The only debtor is not a bankrupt (or company in liquidation), and
  • The debtor is located in Australia.


Selling Multiple Debts

If you have a multiple debts that you would like us to consider as a single purchase, please call and speak to our Debt Buying Manager, or fax or email us your a Debtors Ledger.


Business Related Debts

We do not buy consumer debts, namely, where credit was provided for a personal, household or domestic purpose.

However, if the debt is between 2 businesses or relates to a commercial activity that the debtor was undertaking we are interested.


We collect debts fast. That's why we also buy debts.

Fast Track Debt Collection Newcastle collects debts fast